There’s more to soil than “dirt.” Different types of soils are either rich or poor in nutrients for the plants they support. A great part of having a flourishing garden, a well-manicured lawn, or a beautiful landscaped plot, depends on choosing nutrient-rich soil.

The right soil matters because:

  • Different types of soil match whether a plant type needs retained water or excess water drainage.

  • Different types of soil can balance out the pH to the optimal level for that plant type.

  • The location and type of your garden affects what soil is right for you.

Sandy Loam

$35 / Yard

Garden Mix

$30 / Yard


$30 / Yard

Basalt Chips 3/4"

$32 / Yard

Lawn Mix

$27 / Yard

Screened Top Soil

$20 / Yard

Barr-Tech Compost

$35 / Yard

Basalt 3/4"

$25 / Yard

Basalt Chips 1 1/4"

$32 / Yard

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